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This is a "real" e-commerce site.
All our products can be purchased online.
Consult the catalogue, discover the properties of our products and fill your shopping cart with the oils and typical goodies which most tempt you.
Frantoio Our Company
Presentation, History and Lands.
Marchio DOP

DOP is a quality brand that comes attributed to those alimony whose peculiar qualitative characteristics...

Etichetta Culture & Labels
History, news and curiosities about olive oil.
And for all lovers: our product labels...
Area Clienti Private Area
If you are already registered, you will be albe to control your information and follow step by step the state of advance of your orders.
Mailing List Mailing List
In order to receive in the own case of e-mail relative news to the refreshes of the site and our offered and promotions.
Chef Chefs & Our Oil
A gastronomic tour of the restaurants which regularly use our products.
Contatti Contact Us
For knowing how contacting to us, catching up to us, or simply in order to know ours staff...
Rassegne Stampa Press Release
To be informed on what's new and know what to write about us...
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An aid to move in the Virtual Store, to know some more... and to resolve eventual technical problems.
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